Active-basic IS (Icelandic Horses, Ponies) / Active- basic G (Large Horses)

1x Blanket, 3 in 1
Moisture and heat regulating with integrated pulsing magnetic field

and 4 applicator pockets, easily washable

1x Neck Cuff 
including Velcro pockets for applicators


3x Flat Applicators
1 dual-coil per flat applicator, washable, Measurements: 50x30 cm


1x Control Unit
9 level intensity settings and individual timer settings (8,16,24 minutes)

1 plug, Output: 100-240V/50-60Hz/24VA


1x Battery
high-performance battery with lifetime of 5 hours


1x Charger
Input: 230V/50Hz











Active - basic IS (Icelandic Horses, Ponies) / Size: 125

  2.850,00 EUR inc. tax

Active - basic G (Large Horses) / Size: 165

  2.895,00 EUR inc. tax

Custom sizes on request