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ener-active – The proven pulsed magnetic field resonance therapy

The sweat blanket for horses

The ener-active functional blanket for horses is an innovative and unique 3 in 1 equine blanket – designed to regulate moisture, body heat and perspiration with integrated pulsed magnetic field. 

The sweat blanket contains 4 pockets for flat applicators as well as a belt for the control unit and battery. Without the belt the ener-active blanket can be used as a „classic“ sweat blanket. The blanket is light and the fabric excels in regulating moisture and heat. The garment is washable and easy to clean.

Neck Cuff

The neck cuff consists of the same innovative material as the sweat blanket and features one applicator pocket for the flat applicator. Like the blanket the neck cuff is washable.

Front and Rear Gaiters

The washable Velcro gaiters come with special gaiter applicators and can be applied interchangeably to both, front and hind leg. The gaiters (left and right) are not included in the active-basic set but can be purchased individually.

Flat Applicators

Every flat applicator has two magnetic therapy coils worked into it. By using the applicator pockets woven into the blanket the applicators can be used individually depending on the desired application. The applicators can be used separately or in a customised, series set-up by using the distributor.

Control Unit

The control unit’s compact and user-friendly design offer ideal conditions for its practical application. A wide spectrum of targeted applications is made possible via 9 levels of field strength settings in combination with timer settings (8, 16, 24 minutes).

High-performance battery

The high-performance battery facilitates the flexible use of the system, independent of location or access to electricity - ideal for show-jumpers and therapists.


MRT classic

The MRT classic is user-friendly, easy to clean, and can be used at stationary home or even mobile (training ground, arena, etc.) at competitive sport events


MRT relax

The MRT is not only suitable as a designer lounger for home, but also for wellness hotels, fitness rooms, spas, and rehabilitation areas. The designer lounger is available in the colours black and white.